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Backstreet Boys VDay

BSB Limited edition Necklace

BSB Limited edition Necklace

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For the Backstreet Boys, 30 years isn't just a number, it's a celebration of the journey they shared with you and millions of fans around the world. As part of their continued 30th anniversary celebration, they are releasing a limited edition BSB pendant, a one-of-a-kind tribute to 30 years of BSB magic.

This one-of-a-kind pendant features a beautifully crafted BSB nameplate, a symbol of the band's enduring legacy and the countless hearts they've touched. It's more than just jewelry; it's a limited edition piece of BSB history, a reminder of the music, memories, and joy they've brought to your life. Only 1000 of these will be sold, making it a true collector's item.
  • Sterling silver
  • Nickel free
  • Rhodium plated with 16-18 sizable chain
  • Full cut cubic zirconia
  • Limited edition

All sales final. Orders are expected to ship (approx)  6-12 business days after purchase. Now available worldwide!

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